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      2. Welcome to visit Hengxing group EN / CN
        Company Info
        Hengxing Group, established in 1994, upholds the core values of "integrity, responsibility, innovation and win-win" and is committed to becoming a well-respected time-honored enterprise. After 20 years of steady development, the group has made itself a private empire that combines investment (leading business), mining, trade, asset management, cultural tourism, and education, with its wholly-owned and holding subsidiaries scattered in Mainland China, Hong Kong, Vietnam ...

        Mr.Ke Xiping

        Founder and Chairman of Hengxing Group

        Member of the Twelfth and Thirteenth CPPCC National Committee

        Member of the Standing Committee of the All-China Federation

        of Industry and Commerce Executive Committee

        Vice president of Fujian Federation of industry and Commerce

        Member of Xiamen CPPCC Standing Committee

        President of Xiamen Federation of Industry and Commerce (Chamber of Commerce)

        Group History

        Hengxing Group predecessor—Hengxing Building Decoration Materials Co., Ltd.—was founded and supported the construction of the then largest building materials marketplace in Xiamen—Jiangtou Building Materials Market
        Became a shareholder of Zijin Mining
        Founded Anxi Hengxing High School
        The Group’s headquarters building established—Xiamen Fortune Center.
        Zijin Mining went public in the domestic A-share market.
        Hengxing Group founded based on business integration.
        Claimed the 2009G23 land area with 1 billion yuan in auction to develop South China’s most luxurious villa—Yunding Manor.
        The subsidiary Hengxing Gold Holdings Limited acquired Xinjiang Jinchuan Mining Project
        The official construction of the first phase of Vietnam Steel Plant took off.
        Xiamen Fortune Center was completed and put into use
        Established ties with Vanke Xiamen in real estate projects
        The first phase of Vietnam Steel Plant were officially put into operation.
        Xiamen Fortune Center was awarded the LEED certification
        Placed in the list of China Top 500 Service Companies.
        Founded Hengxing Ruijie Company to invest emerging industries.
        The subsidiary Hengxing Gold Holdings Limited went public on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange
        The construction of Changchun Commercial Real Estate kicked off
        Yunding Manor claimed the “Best Of The Best”—Award of Most Heritage Value in 2014
        Noble Manor claimed Best Living Property Award & Best Architectural Landscape Design Award of Asia-Pacific region in the 2015/2016 FIABCI Property Award.
        Hengxing Group’s turnover exceeded 10 billion yuan, with an aggregate asset of over 16 billion yuan
        The second phase of Vietnam Steel Plant was completed and put into use.
        Was enlisted as a member of the Thousand Groups Project by State Administration of Taxation
        Became one of Fujian Top 100 Companies
        Established the sectors of cultural tourism
        Formal operation of Changchun Hengxing International City

        Industrial Layout

        Among the main industries of Hengxing Group: The mineral sector has many reserves of resources, and its gold mining projects have been listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. The trade business has established long-term cooperative relations with high-quality customers at home and abroad, with annual turnover exceeding 12 billion yuan. The asset management business serves a number of high-quality property assets under the Group and continuously improves the value of high-quality assets, covering Class A office buildings, high-end villas, commercial real estate and other fields. Cultural tourism industry invested or participated in Anxi Qingshuiyan, Xinjiang Kanas and the preparatory international luxury hotel projects.

        Group Industry

        Social Responsibility
        Hengxing Group commits itself to not only the creation of fortune and employment opportunities, but also the responsibilities and obligations of corporate citizens. Over the years, the Group has offered a cumulative donation of over 400 million yuan in social welfare, charity relief, health care and other undertakings. Hengxing Group and its chairman, Mr. Ke Xiping, were respectively awarded the China Charity Award—Most Generous Corporation/Donator. Besides, Mr. Ke has been honored as Xiamen’s top philanthropist many times.
        Main honor

        National Advanced Precision Poverty Alleviation Enterprises

        China Top 500 Service Companies

        Fujian Top 100 companies

        Xiamen Top 100 Enterprises

        Xiamen Leading Private Companies

        Chairman Mr. Ke Xiping entered the name list of Hurun Charity and Forbes Charity

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        Hengxing concerned

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